Brave New World: Operating IDE Hard Drives on SCSI Host Adapters

AEC7722: The Bridge Between IDE And SCSI, Continued

When plugging in the adapter, a certain amount of care is necessary because the pressure bends the PCB slightly.

The rear of the adapter is not equipped with any components. Only the IDE connector is located here.

Acard states that the adapter has a maximum interface transfer rate of 80 MB/s. Even if the burst transfer rate of modern hard drives may be faster, this transfer rate should be sufficient for most uses.

Chip, BIOS and jumpers (top). The last two are for selecting a SCSI-ID.

The core of the IDE-to-SCSI adapter: a controller produced by Achip (ARC765-D).

Plain view of the front and back of the adapter.

Topsy-turvy world: a SCSI host adapter from Adaptec reports and searches for available drives. The 180 GB IDE drive from IBM was detected.