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System Builder Marathon, Q1 2013: $800 Enthusiast PC

Results: Synthetics

I'd expect 3DMark 11 to be one of the most interesting benchmarks in our suite due to its ability to measure aggregate performance, an isolated graphics score, a CPU metric in its Physics suite, and a Combined result.

Even when we overclock it, this quarter's Tahiti LE-based Radeon HD 7870 cannot overcome the GeForce GTX 670's graphics performance. This is where losing $200 seems to hurt the most.

At stock clock rates, the Core i5-3570K doesn't do particularly well against the FX-8350 in Futuremark's Physics sub-test. Once we overclock it, however, the Core i5 sails past last quarter's result, helping our $800 configuration record its first victory against the previous $1,000 setup.

Intel's processors tend to do well in PCMark, so it comes as little surprise when our current $800 build edges out our FX-based effort in the Overall and Productivity tests. Meanwhile, last quarter's SSD earns that machine a vastly superior storage result.

  • DragonClaw
    The table outlining the components of the build. It should read 800$ and not 1000$, I think?
  • abbadon_34
    guessed they reused the previous template, sure it'll be fixed soon and people will wonder what we're talking about
  • mayankleoboy1
    Although we're going to miss the snappy boot-up times and almost-instant application launches the solid-state drive enabled, we probably won't be penalized too much in the benchmark results.

    And therein lies the problem with benchmarks.
    An enthusiast PC, without a SSD boot drive?
  • manitoublack
    That's a great value PC there. Would be hard pressed to think of a more compelling combination for the money. Well done.

  • qTrueno
    The heat sink breaks easily but it is a good cheap solution, as long it doesn't break.
  • ipwn3r456
    If this machine were at $1000 budget, might as well add a 128GB SSD, and replace the HD 7870 to a HD 7950.
  • butremor

    Overclocking the Core i5-3550K is"
  • ARICH5
    i think you couldve found a cheaper z77 solution and squieezed in a 64mb cache hdd
  • dudewitbow
    ipwn3r456If this machine were at $1000 budget, might as well add a 128GB SSD, and replace the HD 7870 to a HD 7950.

    there would be marginal performance boost from switching from a 7870 LE(nerfed 7950, heck can call it a 7930 and it would be partially correct in a way) to an actual 7950. Though its likely the outcome for the 1k budget coming up next.
  • abhijitkalyane
    I really wasn't expecting the AMD chip to be so close to the i5. I'm a bit surprised. The power consumption figures look bad for the FX though.