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Does High-Speed DDR3 Help AMD's FX? Four 8 GB Kits, Reviewed

Super Talent Quadra Series WQ213UB4G

Four of Super Talent's WQ213UB4G modules comprise the WQ213UX16G kit we received, yet only two of the modules are used for our 8 GB test configuration. That might not make sense when you consider that Super Talent packages each module individually, but the company plans to ship these primarily as quad-channel kits.

We say "it plans to" because we haven’t been able to find the modules for sale at any of our regular sources. That’s not unusual, since this U.S.-based company primarily markets its products overseas. Yet, even less common online shops didn’t appear in our Web-based search for the product. These are supposedly available from Super Talent, but nobody large enough to show up on Google’s radar seems to have ordered them yet.

This is a story about the best technology, and not one emphasizing value. So, our main concern today is that we hope the ICs that do eventually reach end-users are of the same quality as those used in today's evaluation.

XMP values of DDR3-2133 CAS 11 and DDR3-1800 CAS 9 are somewhat relaxed, though we plan to push these modules far beyond their rated capabilities. Users without the ability to overclock will be stuck with an automatic configuration of only DDR3-1333 CAS 9.

All Super Talent DRAM products carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Thomas Soderstrom
Thomas Soderstrom is a Senior Staff Editor at Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews cases, cooling, memory and motherboards.