The Bus Speed Guide

Winstone 96 Results, Grouped By Multiplier

I ran Winstone under 1024x768x65536x75 (sorry, the previous '16' ment '16bit') on my system. I know, this is not the default configuration used for the P-rating, which would yield higher scores. However, the only thing that counts is the ratio.

Grouped by Multiplier

Multiplier x1.5,90,Winstone 9675,46.3,blue90,53.2,blue100,57,blue112.5,62,blue125,66.4,blue

I hope that you will excuse me for not running Winstone through all the configurations with the 50 and 55 MHz bus speed. Nobody is running his system at these speeds anyway (I hope) and it would have taken me another four hours.

Unfortunately Winstone would crash at 208 MHz and above, regardless what I would try.