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Busspeed 50 MHz,90,Winstone 9675,46.3,blue

Now what do you say? The system with a Pentium 166 at 2 x 83 MHz outclasses even a P200, as does the P187.5 at 2.5 x 75 MHz !!! Why bother overclocking your P166 to 200 MHz anymore? Reach 208 MHz or leave it to 166!!! This is great news to all of you criticizers of overclocking!!

I can now say that a normal Pentium 166, running at 2 x 83 MHz, should really be called a P200+ !!! A P150 running at 2 x 75 MHz is actually a P166+, a P120, running at 1.5 x 83 MHz is a P150+, and a P100, running at 1.5 x 75 MHz is a P120+!!