The Celeron Killer: AMD's New Duron Processor

The Test Setup

I've used two brand new motherboards in this test. One was used for AMD's SocketA processors and the other one for Intel's Pentium III processor.

The Socket462 platform used was the brand new A7V board from Asus. This board turned out to be the fastest and most stable KT133 platform that we have tested yet and it had no problems to host Thunderbird as well as Duron.

For Pentium III I chose another Asus board, which again turned out to be faster than the rest. The CUSL2 is Asus new Socket370 motherboard with the i815E/Solano2 chipset. It is also the board I used in the Solano Review posted the other Sunday.

This new i815E platform makes Pentium III look a lot better than on i820 platforms, as you might notice in the benchmark results.