CES 2007: LG more serious about 1080p

Las Vegas (NV) - LG said it will be showcasing its complete LCD TV product portfolio at CES, consisting of 20 different models, nine of which support the highest currently supported HD resolution "1080p" (1920x1080 pixel, progressive).

While 1080p TVs were a rare sight at CES 2006, it appears that 2007 may become the year when "full HD" will leave the luxury segment and enter the mainstream and become more affordable for the average consumer. Almost every second LCD TV and most TV's between a size of 37" and 57" will run at 1080p and support all pixels delivered by Blu-ray movies as well as the second generation of HD DVD players.

1080p TVs include the LC7 series (47"), the LB4D series (47") and the LY3D series (47", 52", 57"). HDMI ports are also getting more common with all LG TVs with sizes of 26" and larger including at least two HDMI interfaces. Larger TVS integrate three HDMI ports, LG said. Compared to 2006 models, all LCD TV models sold in 2007 received a redesign and "depth-reduction" down to 3.1".