CES 2007: Sony plans next Blu-ray attack at HD DVD

Las Vegas (NV) - If there was one underlying theme at Sony's CES press conference today, it was that Sony desperately asks for the designation as the market leader in high definition.

In addition to touting the format that it helped create, Blu-ray, Sony had a lot to say about 1080p. In the next few years, it expects most of its HDTVs to have full (1080p, 1920x1080 progressive) HD resolution, headlined by today's announcement of a new Bravia 70" LCD HDTV with 1080p, the biggest LCD TV ever made by Sony.

With regard to Blu-ray, Sony was cautious about not mentioning HD DVD, yet still made claims that showed it plans another attack to win the format war.

New Blu-ray computers on display

By the middle of the year, it plans to have a large number of Vaio laptops, digital media centers, and computer drives that support BD, which Sony says makes it a more universal format, especially with the PS3 backing it up as well. Skewing a statistic a little bit in its favor, Sony says that it is winning the next-generation DVD war because more than one million BD players have been shipped. This of course counts in the PS3, which makes up a huge majority of that number.

The Blu-ray/HD DVD competition is still too much in its infancy to really reach the level of a heated battle, but it will still be something to watch this week once CES gets fully underway.