Compact All-Rounders: VIA's Eden Mini ITX Format Boards

CPU Load: MPEG-4 Playback DivX/ Fddshow

Playback of a standard MPEG-4 film is of particular interest. Resolution: 576x312.

VIA EPIA / Eden 1500

Playing an MPEG-4 film was accomplished successfully with both codecs. The medium resolution of the video helped.


It was just about possible to play our MPEG-4 film smoothly with the DivX codec. Processor usage is lower using fddshow.


The EPIA with DDR memory and 933 MHz did not fare quite so well: it still played smoothly, but used more CPU processing time. This is not disadvantageous, however, as part of the calculations required is carried out by the chipset's integrated graphics module.

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