Comparison of 15" LCD Monitors - Part II

Apple Studio 15" Display

Apple seems to have found a winner - users find the new LCD range for the Mac very much to their liking! The bipod panel design was considered a drawback with the Belinea 10 15 35 in a previous review, but in the case of this Apple monitor, this is actually considered to be an advantage. This was the main message from the many emails we received after our first 15" LCD comparison, urging us to include this Apple monitor in our tests. That is what explains its presence here today.

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ColorDarkest tone displayedLightest tone displayed
Gray pattern0249
Red pattern0253
Green pattern0235
Blue pattern1250

There is one small peculiarity, by no means a minor one; namely, the screen is powered by a single DVI cable. And, as if that were not enough, the connection plug is a proprietary Apple design. In other words, the screen is incompatible with PCs. What's more, it will only work with the most recent Macs, the ones that have the correct interface, meaning mostly G4s. So, that's why we used a G4 for performing our standard tests - games, color patterns, video, etc.

Inside, it contains an LG panel whose specifications are unspectacular, although it proved to be very effective at displaying the color patterns.