Comparison of Four 800,000-Pixel Camcorders


Nowadays, 800,000-pixel camcorders can always be found in the entry-level and mid-range DV markets. They have resolutions that render DV quality with no problems and at reasonable costs. All the models in this test have DV and analog inputs, plus a flash card photo mode, though this is not much of an advantage here unless you invest in a megapixel sensor. But if you just want quality video, an 800,000-pixel sensor is quite enough to give you good colors and detail. The rest depends on how reliable the lens and microprocessor are, and this is where the different brands can part company.

This test will try to answer the following questions:

  • How good is the image quality (color, detail, sensitivity)?
  • Are they easy to use?
  • Can they be adjusted manually?
  • What inputs do they have?
  • How good is the photo mode?
  • Which camcorder should you buy?

We Tested The Following Camcorders

  • Sony DCR-TRV22
  • Canon Elura 50
  • JVC GR-DX95
  • Hitachi DZ-MV350