Computex: Nvidia declares war on Intel


Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia's CEO didn't make it to the launch, leaving it up to his Senior Vice President of Sales, who welcomed the chance to upgrade to a bigger room now that the CEO's suite was available

Today, in a press conference in Taipei, Taiwan, during the Computex computer trade show, NVIDIA announced nForce, its integrated graphics, audio, Northbridge, and Southbridge chipset, also referred to as Crush.

The new logo for nForce - the theme and layout will be applied to all of NVIDIA's logos

NVIDIA's nForce is, as the company repeatedly told us at the launch, a grounds up design of an integrated chipset, rather than "graphics bolted here, and audio bolted there", which could have been a reference to any number of competing products. Yes, it is a new architecture for the PC, in some ways, and it owes much to Xbox, delivering all the multimedia capabilities you would need for a PC, while tightly coupling the Northbridge and Southbridge functions.