Core i7-980X: Dialing In Efficiency With The Right Overclock

Power Consumption And OC Table

This part is amazing. Even under increased voltage, the six-core Gulftown processor remains at a total system power of roughly 85W as it idles.

Peak power depends on clock speed, but also, even more importantly, on voltage. The slight voltage increase at 4.0 GHz doesn't make much of an impact. But tweaking more aggressively at 4.13 GHz is more noticeable. System peak power scales rather linearly with clock speed, as long as you don’t increase CPU voltage.

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Core i7-980X3,333 MHz3,466 MHz3,600 MHz3,733 MHz3,866 MHz4,000 MHz4,134 MHz
Turbo multi26x27x28x29x30x31x32x
Turbo single27x28x29x30x31x32x33x
Base Frequency133 MHz133 MHz133 MHz133 MHz133 MHz133 MHz133 MHz
Turbo BoostYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
System Idle Power85W85W85W85W85W85W86W
System Peak Power263W276W280W285W290W298W322W
BIOS Vcore Increase0mV0mV0mV0mV0mV30mV73mV
CPU-Z VT idle0.938V0.938V0.938V0.938V0.938V0.973V1.020V
CPU-Z VT load1.219V1.242V1.242V1.242V1.242V1.266V1.324V
Fritz chess benchmark18231188211950820116207842138221931