Cougar GX-F750W PSU Review

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Ripple Measurements

To learn how we measure ripple, please click here.

The following table includes the ripple levels we measured on the GX-F750's rails. The limits, according to the ATX specification, are 120mV (+12V) and 50mV (5V, 3.3V, and 5VSB).

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10% Load8.4mV7.9mV9.1mV7.7mVPass
20% Load7.5mV8.4mV10.1mV9.7mVPass
30% Load7.9mV8.6mV11.0mV10.8mVPass
40% Load8.3mV8.8mV12.3mV12.3mVPass
50% Load8.6mV9.2mV14.9mV13.8mVPass
60% Load9.0mV10.6mV14.8mV15.4mVPass
70% Load9.3mV10.8mV16.1mV17.3mVPass
80% Load9.3mV11.4mV17.3mV19.9mVPass
90% Load10.0mV11.8mV18.5mV21.1mVPass
100% Load10.7mV14.4mV22.7mV24.6mVPass
110% Load11.9mV17.1mV22.7mV26.5mVPass
Cross-Load 18.2mV10.2mV16.0mV6.1mVPass
Cross-Load 210.9mV13.9mV20.4mV20.2mVPass

Ripple suppression is great overall, with the +12V rail staying below 11mV at full load and not surpassing 12mV with 110% of the PSU's maximum-rated load.

With that said, we tested this PSU at 40°C and not the 45°C we usually use due to the problems faced with our first sample. Still, we're pretty sure that the 5°C difference won't affect this unit's ripple suppression in a meaningful way.

Ripple Oscilloscope Screenshots

The following oscilloscope screenshots illustrate the AC ripple and noise registered on the main rails (+12V, 5V, 3.3V and 5VSB). The bigger the fluctuations on the screen, the bigger the ripple/noise. We set 0.01 V/Div (each vertical division/box equals 0.01V) as the standard for all measurements.

Ripple At Full Load

Ripple At 110-Percent Load

Ripple At Cross-Load 1

Ripple At Cross-Load 2

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Contributing Editor

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.

  • orionfotl
    Nice review! The platform's codename is TPK.
  • Aris_Mp
    Thanks Orion! Will update the part's table.
  • shrapnel_indie
    All of Cougar's PSUs are made by HEC/Compucase, an OEM with many years of experience in this field.

    HEC/Compucase, for at least the last decade hasn't been known to produce a single good unit. Cougar would do well to find a better OEM.

    I'd love for HEC to have finally get a good platform though... AND never go back to less.
  • Dark Lord of Tech
    Not a FAN of HEC powere supplies , but a great review , Thanks Aris.
  • bettsar
    Looking at the comparison products, are these numbers for the EVGA 750 G3 or the B3? If the everything is pointing to the G3 (including the cost), that definitely seems like the value leader. If the cost is pointing to the B3, then it could change the story quite a bit.

    However, I also see that the RM750x appears to have dropped in price, which would likely put it at the top of the value chart.