CPU Cooler Charts 2008: Part 4

Coolink has licensed the design of the NH-U12F from Noctua, selling it as the“Silentator”. The fan itself, however, is a proprietary development.

The cooling performance of the Silentator is marginally better than that of its competitor from Austria. This is the result of the fan running 200 RPM faster. The drawback is that this cooler is slightly louder, which can be distracting in a home theater or office.

Even running at a low speed the Silentator performs well. It cooled our quad-core processor to a constant temperature of 74 °C. The fan is barely audible inside the case.

We didn’t like the fact that Coolink does not include all the attachments for the various sockets. You have to buy a specific version of the cooler for either socket 775, socket 939/754/940 or AM2/AM2+. Each version is specific to one socket only. Should you ever switch to another socket, you’ll be forced to buy another cooler. Noctua’s solution is much more elegant - all elements necessary for mounting are included. On the other hand, its lower price is a clear argument in favor of the Silentator. At around $55, it is significantly less expensive than its Austrian competition. Also, the Silentator weighs much less due to its much lighter fan.

cpu heatsink cooler

cpu heatsink cooler

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CPU100% LoadIdle
Temperature 12V69 °C36 °C
Temperature 5V73.5 °C38.5 °C
Noise42.1 dB(A)38.5 dB(A)
Fan Speed1,600 RPM600 RPM
Weight664gRow 4 - Cell 2
Intel Compat.LGA775Row 5 - Cell 2
AMD Compat.AM2/AM2+939/940