Mobile CPU Chart Update and Forecast

What is Intel Doing?

Intel is ready to release its next-generation mobile platform at Computex 2008 in early June. The new platform has been called Montevina and it will replace the existing Santa Rosa Platform. Santa Rosa is based on the Penryn processor (Core 2 Duo at 45 nm and FSB800), the Crestline chipset (PM/GM965 for DDR2-667) and Kedron wireless (4965AGN) plus the option for Robson flash (512 MB or 1 GB flash TurboMemory). Everything that is labeled Centrino or Centrino Pro is based on these components.

Montevina will effectively introduce the second-generation Centrino. The first real innovation is the switch from a 90-nm to the 65-nm process for the chipset (Cantiga/PM45 and ICH9M). Intel will be the first chipset maker to offer 65-nm core logic, which is why insiders hope to see noticeably reduced power consumption on the chipset level, opening up more flexibility for manufacturers when it comes to creating innovative notebook designs. The power savings, however, might possible be negated by increased clock speeds for the memory (DDR2-800 or DDR3-1066), the Front Side Bus (FSB1066 at 266 MHz) and the Penryn processors (Core 2 Duo T9000, 2.26 GHz to 3.06 GHz expected), although DDR3 is in fact more efficient than DDR2. Also, the new T9000 Penryns will be available in five different power flavors, and the processor giant will launch the first mobile quad core processor as well.

There will be two choices for wireless. Echo Peak is the full-blown wireless module with WiMAX support; Shirley Peak will be a simpler solution without WAN/WiMAX support.

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QXExtreme performancequad core>40 W
XExtreme performancedual core>40 W
THigh performancedual core30-40 W
PBalanced performance/energydual core20-30 W
LHigh efficiencydual core12-19 W
UUltra-high efficiencydual core<12 W