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CPU Charts 2012: 86 Processors From AMD And Intel, Tested

Tom's Hardware: CPU Benchmark Charts, Updated

86 CPUs Benchmarked: 51 From AMD And 35 From Intel

We've been hard at work updating our CPU Charts with a brand new benchmark suite. And, before 2012 comes to a close, we wanted to share the results of no fewer than 86 processors with you. The models we tested range from dual-core budget-oriented chips to eight-core flagships. Fifty-one models come from AMD, and 35 are Intel's.

In this overview, the CPUs are organized by micro-architecture, each covered on its own page. It’s a free-for-all once we hit the benchmarks. At that point, performance is all that matters. Let’s have a look at the contenders:


FamilyFX ProcessorsA-Series APUsPhenom IIAthlon II
Architecture and Model NumberBulldozerFX-4100FX-4170FX-6100FX-6200FX-8100FX-8120FX-8140FX-8150FX-8170LlanoA6-3650A6-3670KA8-3850A8-3870KTrinityA10-5800KStarsPhenom II X2 550Phenom II X2 555Phenom II X2 560Phenom II X2 565Phenom II X3 705ePhenom II X3 710Phenom II X3 720Phenom II X3 740Phenom II X4 830Phenom II X4 840Phenom II X4 905ePhenom II X4 910ePhenom II X4 955Phenom II X4 965Phenom II X4 970Phenom II X4 975Phenom II X4 980Phenom II X6 1035TPhenom II X6 1045TPhenom II X6 1055TPhenom II X6 1065TPhenom II X6 1075TPhenom II X6 1090TPhenom II X6 1100TStarsAthlon II X2 240eAthlon II X2 250Athlon II X2 255Athlon II X2 260Athlon II X3 425Athlon II X3 435Athlon II X3 440Athlon II X3 445Athlon II X4 620Athlon II X4 630Athlon II X4 635Athlon II X4 640Athlon II X4 645


Intel CPUs
Family Core (First Generation) Core (Second Generation) Core (Third Generation)
Architecture and Model NumberNehalemCore i3-530Core i5-661Core i5-670Core i5-750Core i5-750SCore i5-760Core i7-860Core i7-870Core i7-875KCore i7-880Core i7-920Core i7-930Core i7-960Core i7-970Core i7-975 Extreme EditionCore i7-980Core i7-980XCore i7-990XSandy BridgeCore i5-2300Core i5-2310Core i5-2400Core i5-2400SCore i5-2500KCore i5-2500TCore i7-2600KCore i7-2700KCore i7-3930XCore i7-3960XPentium G620Pentium G630Pentium G630TIvy BridgeCore i5-3450Core i5-3470Core i5-3550Core i5-3570KCore i7-3770K