DDR-SDRAM Has Finally Arrived


Due to unfortunate constraints that were partly due to unsatisfying support by AMD we weren't able to run a full-blown scientific test suite, as I would have liked. Still we should see a clear advantage of the DDR-platforms in applications that need a lot of memory bandwidth, such as e.g. 3D-games. However, we should also not forget the days of the BX-introduction , when the 50%-increase in memory performance (from 66 to 100 MHz FSB) hardly showed in any benchmark.

Test Setup

Hardware Setup
SDRAM Socket A platform for AMD Athlon and Duron Processors ASUS A7V, BIOS 1004D final
SDRAM Socket 370 platform for Intel Pentium III and Celeron processors ASUS CUSL2, BIOS 1003.004
SDRAM Memory 128 MB Wichmann Workx PC133 SDRAM CL2, setting 2-2-2-5/7
DDR Socket A platform for AMD Athlon processors at 100 MHz Frontside Bus Gigabyte GA-7DX Rev.1.1, BIOS Rev.P15a 09/21/2000
DDR Socket A platform for AMD Athlon processors ar 133 MHz Frontside Bus AMD Corona EVT7, BIOS acrd00-4 08/23/2000
DDR Socket 370 platfom for Intel Pentium III processors VIA VT5322C, BIOS 9174-06p 10/25/2000
i840 Platform Intel OR840, BIOS 245
i820 Platfrom Asus P3C-L, BIOS 1023 final
DDR Memory 128 MB Micron CL2
Hard Drive for Windows 98 Tests IBM DTLA-307030 ATA100 IDE, 30 GB, FAT32
Hard Drive for Linux Test Seagate ST320430A ATA66 IDE, 19 GB, ext2
Graphics card for Sysmark2000, Quake 3 Arena, Unreal Tornament and 3D Studio Max 2 NVIDIA Geforce 2 GTS Reference Card
Core Clock 200 MHz, Memory Clock 333 MHz, Driver 6.31
Graphics Card for SPECviewperf NVIDIA Quadro2 Reference Card
Core Clock 230 MHz, Memory Clock 400 MHz, Driver 6.31
Software Setup
Windows Version Windows98SE, 4.10.2222A
Windows Resolution for Sysmark2000 1024x768x16x85
Windows Resolution for SPECviewperf 1280x1024x32x85
Linux Version SuSE Linux 6.4, Kernel 2.2.14, THG benchmarking kernel, gcc 2.95.2
Quake 3 Arena Retail Version Setting
Normal, 640x480x16 bit color, no sound
Unreal Tournament Version 4.28 (patched)
Setting 640x480x16, no sound"
SPECviewperf Rev. 6.1.2
Memtime Intel Memory Transfer Timing Utility
MPEG4 Encoding Software FlasK MPEG, ver. 0.594
DivX ;) 3.11alpha