DDR-SDRAM Has Finally Arrived

MEMTIME, Continued

The fill-double-words operation 'rep stosd' shows AMD's760 plus DDR in a completely different light. Rambus can't keep up with it, but neither can VIA's VT8633.

This test shows the AMD760 plus DDR-SDRAM as the clear performance leader, while VIA's DDR-chipset looks really bad.

It's difficult to summarize those results. For what it's worth one could say that DDR-SDRAM seems pretty close behind RDRAM, sometimes even ahead of the dual-channel RDRAM platform i840. What you cannot tell from those results is the real-world performance. You will soon see that VIA's early VT8633 didn't fare too well in the application level benchmarks. Still it gave a pretty good impression in this low-level test. The same is valid for i820 and i840. Both disappointed in each but a few of the application tests.