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The Most Common DDR DRAM Myths Debunked

You’ll Never Use Or Need 16GB Or More

This continues with the theme from Myth 9, but it's geared more to those heavy multi-taskers and users of memory-intensive software, or those who work with large data sets and files. The more DRAM you have, the more data it can hold for recurring instant access rather than having to go back to the page file on the hard drive or back to the Web to reread the data.

Many people use more than 20GB at a time almost every day, and this is also becoming the norm among those in the Tom’s Hardware forums, with members talking about maxing their 8 and 16GB kits.

Remember, too, that manufacturers are doing a ton of research and outreach to other manufacturers, software developers and users, so there are definitely reasons why motherboards are being designed to run 32GB, 64GB and 128GB (or more) of DRAM.