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The Most Common DDR DRAM Myths Debunked

A 64-bit OS Lets You Run All The DRAM You Want

Many people believe that, with a 64-bit OS, you can use an unlimited amount of DRAM, which isn’t true. Here are the DRAM limitations for Windows 7, for example:

Windows 7 DRAM Limits

x86 (32-bit)x64 (64-bit)
Windows 7 Ultimate4GB192GB
Windows 7 Enterprise4GB192GB
Windows 7 Professional4GB192GB
Windows 7 Home Premium4GB16GB
Windows 7 Home Basic4GB8GB
Windows 7 Starter2GBN/A

And on Windows 8:

Windows 8 DRAM Limits

x86 (32-bit)x64 (64-bit)
Windows 8 Enterprise4GB512GB
Windows 8 Professional4GB512GB
Windows 84GB128GB