DDR333 for P4: 16 Boards with Intel 845G - Part II

Soltek SL-85MR2-L: Second In The Speed Stakes

The familiar glossy Soltek packaging.

Another new color - Soltek's board comes in beige. Colored PCI slots would be nice.

The Soltek SL-85MR2-L in its entirety.

With colorful PCBs as popular as ever, boards now come in red, black, blue and yellow, but Soltek's beige offering is still a first. This makes the spectrum almost complete - each manufacturer has its own color. Soltek puts together very fast boards, and the SL-85MR2-L is no exception. It took second place overall in the benchmark tests and has market leader Asus firmly in its sights. Special features include six PCI slots and a network chip. A RAID controller is available as an optional extra, but can support only one additional IDE port due to the layout of the board. The tools included for displaying system parameters proved useful. To sum up, Soltek has produced a satisfactory motherboard offering few extra features, but high-end performance.

Shoring up the CPU socket: the plastic cross on the back of the Soltek SL-85MR2-L.

Driver installation with the Soltek SL-85MR2-L.

The Soltek comes with 'Smartguardian,' which displays the system's vital statistics.
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