Don't Throw Out Your ATI Radeon X800 Yet

PowerColor X800 GT

Before we move into GTO overclock, let's see what the R480 core can do for those who purchase the PowerColor card with this GPU. The factory settings for the PowerColor Radeon X800 GT is 475 MHz core and 490 MHz for the memory. Amazingly, the core was capable of an overclock of 24% for an additional 115 MHz above stock, but as we hinted to before, the memory would be the drawback for the total overclock. This, in fact, was the case, as we could only push out 4 MHz more out of the modules, less than 1%. Overall, the score in 3DMark 2005 went up 12.5% to 4,746 Marks - not bad at all.

Connect 3D X800 GTO

Returning to the Connect 3D Radeon X800 GTO, we were able to push the factory clocks of 400 MHz core and 490 MHz for the memory up to 526.50 MHz and 561.60 MHz (Core / Memory). This is an increase of 31.6% on the core and 14.6% for the memory. The resulting 3DMark 2005 score went up 23% to 5,771 Marks. The ability to overclock so far should make enthusiasts happy with their purchases.