Don't Throw Out Your ATI Radeon X800 Yet


The Connect 3D card does not come with a lot of software. In fact, it only has the initial drivers and utilities CD to get you installed, and that is it. The Connect 3D Radeon X800 GTO has twin DVI ports and a single port for either S-Video or Composite Out, but it also is equipped with the ATI Rage Theater. This universal port can capture video using the Rage Theater chip, making this even better for multimedia than the PowerColor - you can make your movies and take them too.

The other cables in the box include an extension 4-pin to 6-pin adapter for those who do not have 6-pin cables on their power supplies. There is a combination S-Video and Composite in/out, as well as Y/Pb/Pr output connector for HDTV support from the Rage Theater hardware. A composite extension cable is included, so the consumer can hook up to a TV or VCR immediately, or use the DVI to VGA adapter to ensure compatibility for LCD and CRT monitors.