Early Athlon Motherboard Review

Test Setup

I'm sorry to say that the performance evaluation was one of the most boring jobs I've ever done. The boards scored almost identically and the tiny differences I found are hardly worth mentioning.

System Setup

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ProcessorAMD Athlon 650
Memory128 MB Crucial TechnologyPC133 ECC SDRAM
GraphicDiamond Viper V770Ultra,NVIDIA reference driver 2.08
Hard DiskWestern Digital WDAC 4180000 EIDEDMA mode enabled
NetworkNetgear FA310TX
Operation SystemWindows 98,Resolution 1024x768x16at 85Hz

I decided to run BAPCo's Sysmark98 and four 3D-games to find out performance differences between the motherboards. For Quake2 I ran crusher.dm2, for Quake3 q3demo1 at 'normal'-settings. Shogo used our own 'fortress'-demo and Expendable was run in 'timedemo'-mode.