Early Athlon Motherboard Review

Last But Not Least There Is MSI's Award-BIOS

I was missing an automatic setting, which will scare away all but the highly experienced users from this motherboard until the BIOS has been changed and an SPD-setting has been added. I also couldn't find an enabling/disabling of ECC. I could not figure out which is the default, although I was using Micron's (Crucial Technology's) PC133 ECC memory.

MSI added a pretty fancy but rather useless feature as well:

Hurray! All the overclockers will love it, MSI included an overclocking-feature for the bus clock. Too bad that this setting is completely pointless, unless you think that you can run an Athlon 600/100 at 800/133 MHz without Kryotech's super-cooling.

Summarizing the BIOS-setup of the three boards I would like to pick the FIC SD11 as the winner, because it's definitely the easiest to use. Number two is clearly the Gigabyte 7IX, which follows closely. MSI somehow overshot the target by adding a useless overclocking feature, forgetting the ECC-settings as well as an automatic memory adjustment.