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Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super Review: Ti-Like Performance for Less

Nvidia’s new Super card soars close to the performance of the GTX 1660 Ti.

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(Image: © EVGA)

Nvidia set out to fill the gaps in the budget space and improve performance over the existing lineup. With the GTX 1660 Super, the company has accomplished just that. In our testing, we saw the 1660 Super generally trail the more expensive 1660 Ti. When testing higher, more GPU-dependent resolutions, the 1660 Ti slightly extends its lead in some of these titles, but not by much. The new Super card held its own next to the more expensive Ti, to say the least. 

Price versus performance is an important factor for many users, and we’ve seen that improve with the previous high-end Super cards. The value of the Super cards in reference to performance is much better than the vanilla, non-Super versions that came before them. A quick trip to Newegg shows GTX 1660 cards priced at $225-plus, and the 1660 Ti’s cheapest entry is $259.99. Nvidia’s MSRP for the 1660 Super is $229, which is also the price of the EVGA card we tested today. Without a price adjustment, it’s hard to argue for the 1660 Ti given it lands just slightly ahead of the 1660 Super and currently retails for at least $30 more. 

(Image credit: EVGA)

The 1660 Super is within striking distance of the 1660 Ti at worst, and matches or negligibly beats the Ti at best. Although we do not have up-to-date results for a GTX 1660 currently, the 1660 Super would clearly beat it while being priced the same or higher. 

We didn’t say much about the GTX 1650 Super because, without a card to test, there isn’t much to say. We’ll have to see how it fares in late November. But if it’s anything like what we've seen from the other cards, chances are it will fit into the same value bucket. 

Overall, Nvidia continues to bring pricing down and performance up with its Super cards, which is certainly a welcome change. While performance was always there with Turing, the value aspect was lacking, and the Super cards have brought that concept more in line with the hopes of enthusiasts. The EVGA GTX 1660 Super SC we tested for this review will supposedly land at the $229 MSRP. As pricing remains significantly below the 1660 Ti’s price point, the GTX 1660 Super is going to be an appealing card for 1080p and budget 1440p gamers at or near $230.

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