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2.5" External HDD Spring Fever

Seagate FreeAgent Go 160 GB, Continued

So far there are over 100 applications available for FreeAgent and U3, so you can carry around some of your popular applications, password managers, favorites, instant messenger clients and others. Wikipedia has a comprehensive software list, which you can find here. Seagate has a micro site to demo its FreeAgent product line:

Although the technology is very comfortable to use and is possibly a step into the future, it does have some disadvantages. Seagate claims that no trace of FreeAgent remains on host PCs once the drive was removed, but according to our experience, improper removal or a system crash during the removal process can cause problems with the host system.

Apart from the FreeAgent technology, Seagate also ships a comprehensive software suite to take on the more traditional scenarios such as backup and synchronization.