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2.5" External HDD Spring Fever


Ceedo is the technology behind the FreeAgent for installing programs onto external storage devices. You cannot install every program, however, as software needs to be capable to write its required settings into the registry.

The Ceedo Website ( offers a plethora of software. Some is free, other packages you have to purchase. But you can get basic software in all categories for free.

Ceedo software carries a red frame and the Ceedo symbol in the upper right corner.

The cool part is that stuff such as bookmarks, your local email and your music archive will always be with you as you hook up your FreeAgent drive to a host PC. From a data security point of view, Ceedo is a nice solution as well, as even your temporary files will not be stored on the host computer, but on the FreeAgent drive. This makes it impossible for the owner of the host PC to follow your files by looking into the browser cache, because you will have used your own browser. However, Ceedo doesn't provide a built-in backup feature. This you can get - you might have guessed it - on the Ceedo Website for $10.

The Ceedo manager is Seagate branded and looks very much like the Windows start menu.


Seagate's Utilities item within the management software offers a drive diagnostic feature, adjustment for the power-down interval time and for the drive LEDs.