Faster Than Real-Time: MPEG-4 Encoding With DivX 4.11


FlaskMPEG 0.6: RBG Holds Us Back

In these benchmarks, we compare the DivX codec versions 4.02 and 4.11 with one another. The tests also focus on FlaskMPEG 0.6, which is currently outdated. We also received a modified version from Intel, which we evaluate separately.

The Athlon XP is faster in all the disciplines with the old DivX 4.02. Once equipped with DivX 4.11, the Pentium 4/2000 overtakes both its opponents.

By releasing this modified version of FlaskMPEG 0.6, Intel has proven that there's still some juice to squeeze out of the conversion process. Athlon XP owners should avoid this tool like the plague, though, since it slows down AMD CPUs. The old FlaskMPEG 0.6 is able to convert files into RBG color space; YUV, however, is not part of its array of features. All the values listed refer to converting video signals only - we deactivated the simultaneous audio encoding. Without sound, Intel manages to break the magical real-time threshold of 25 fps (PAL - Europe, Asia). Had we used an NTSC video (North America) instead, the Pentium 4/2000 would have handled it just as well. Let's take a look at what's behind this effect.

Uwe Scheffel