Seagate's FreeAgent GoFlex: Modular External Storage

GoFlex Net Media Sharing Device

Last but not least, Seagate offers a networked GoFlex storage option. The GoFlex Net was designed to share data across networks, including to smartphone devices. As with the GoFlex TV, you can plug any USB 2.0 device into the GoFlex Net and make its contents available. However, the better approach is to insert one or even two FreeAgent GoFlex Ultra-portable drives into the two available slots.

The GoFlex Net is a desk-type product, with drives installed in a vertical orientation. The unit includes all necessary controllers and firmware, enabling hassle-free operation with Ultra-portable units or any other USB 2.0 storage device.

Seagate utilizes Pogoplug’s software, a private cloud service for accessing and sharing your multimedia and other data. Once the application is set up, you can access your data through a Web interface. The applications for smartphones allow accessing data from your favorite mobile clients as well.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable with the Pogoplug cloud service, you can also utilize the GoFlex Net as a sort of NAS server via its Samba network shares. You can plug in two Seagate drives and an additional USB 2.0 drive through the available port.