14-Way SSD Hard Drive Roundup

MemoRight MR25.2-032S/064S: Enterprise Class

The MemoRight MR25.2 GT series is currently one of the fastest flash SSD options available. MemoRight specifies both 120 MB/s for sequential read and write operations, which we verified on our storage test system. In fact, we hit 116 MB/s read throughput and 121 MB/s for writes. The 0.1 ms average access time is almost nonexistent.

While MemoRight does not yet use a Serial ATA/300 interface, the 150 MB/s bandwidth is still fast enough to beat most of the competitors. OCZ, Samsung and Super Talent offer higher interface throughput thanks to 300 MB/s SATA bandwidth, but they cannot turn this into a performance advantage.

The MemoRight drives are the clear I/O performance winners, as they outperform every other drive in three out of four tests. The only exception is the Web server benchmark, which does not involve write operations. Here, Hama delivers even more I/O operations per second.

These drives’ power requirements depend on their capacity: we received 32 GB and 64 GB models for testing. While the 32 GB version required 0.8 W idle power, the 64 GB drive did not go below 1.0 W. Peak power, however, was different: the more idle-efficient 32 GB drive required up to 2.4 W, while the 64 GB model stayed within a 2.0 W power envelope. This would have you believe that the 64 GB version delivered better performance per watt, but that’s not quite true either, as the higher capacity version offers slightly less performance.

Unfortunately, we did not have these drives to run them through our efficiency suite on the Dell Latitude D630 notebooks, which is why you will only find performance results run on our storage test system.