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Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Review: Samsung's Second-Child Syndrome

TouchWiz UX Revisted: Ice Cream Sandwich-Flavored

Home Screen

Despite the prevalence of Android-based devices from many different vendors, we've come to expect a fairly consistent interface experience across them. Shipping with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), Samsung attempts to differentiate its Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 by uniquely skinning the tablet's UI. Dubbed TouchWiz UX, we'd equate this to picking a different theme in Windows. You can do many of the same things, but the aesthetics change.

Settings/Notification Panel


Of course, TouchWiz is not new. We examined the core elements of TouchWiz in our previous-gen Galaxy Tab 10.1 review, and very little changes this time around. Even with a new operating system underneath, the settings panel is identical, and the apps unique to TouchWiz remain unchanged.

A new widget called "S Suggest" recommends popular apps. However, it behaved more like a front-end app store for filtering the myriad choices in Google Play.

The Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 appears as a portable media device in Windows, so file management is neatly integrated into Windows Explorer.

If you're a Mac user, however, Samsung's Kies is still the preferred piece of software for getting data on and off the Galaxy Tab 2. It's not as polished as iTunes, but does provide a mechanism for wirelessly synchronizing files.