Game On With the Ultimate X9 from ABS Computers


Benchmark Results

In 3DMark we tested all resolutions with antialiasing and anisotropic filtering disabled in the first run. The second time around we enabled the image quality with 4xAA and 8xAF. The $10,000 Falcon Northwest Mach V posted 16,544 marks in the default test while the CrossFire ABS came in with over 3,000 more marks at 19,879. ATI does better in 3DMark benchmarks but 3,000 means this system is screaming.

Doom 3

In Doom 3 we tested with High Quality mode that sets anisotropic filtering to 8x. We tested first with antialiasing disabled and a second time with it set to 4x. The ABS Ultimate X9 posted some amazing figures in Doom 3. While OpenGL allows for four frames to queue at a time, the power of ATI's streamlined driver and lower system overhead clearly make a statement. At 1600x1200 and above, the Quad SLI Mach V moves ahead but for the 80% of the population that still plays their games at 1280x1024 or below the CrossFire setup makes more sense.