The Gaming Case Showdown

NZXT Adamas

The Adamas by NZXT is probably the toughest of the group. Some may have already recognized it from the demo video that has people standing and jumping on the case without ill effect. While I would rely on it as a stable stepping stool, it certainly has no problem supporting the weight of a 215 lb man.

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Length 19.25" / 489 mm
Width 7.5" / 191 mm
Height 17.3" / 439 mm
Card Slots 7
5.25" Bays 4
3.5" Bays 5 (4 internal 1 external)
Front 1x 120 mm (included)
Back 1x 120 mm (included)
Side 2x 120 mm (included)
Top none
Additional I/O Ports
Speaker 1x front
Microphone 1x front
USB 2x front
IEEE 1394 1x front

NZXT designed this case in a rather traditional and unassuming way. The aluminum frame certainly has more heft to it than some cases, but not to the point that it should be considered too heavy. Certainly, the additional weight is only a minor drawback when considering the apparent indestructibility of the case itself. Unfortunately, we weren't able to contact NZXT to obtain permission to toss the case off a building for a quick and dirty durability test video.

The most convenient feature about the case would be the complete absence of screws from the side panels. Four simple latches, two at the top and two at the bottom take the place of the usual thumb screws, giving you fast-and-easy access to your PC's innards. Once inside it again has a very traditional design without much to remark upon other than how it looks very clean and functional.

The cooling solution on this case seems to be a little louder than the others, as the aluminum siding with the two 120 mm fans vibrates a little when the fans are on, but other than that, it's not bad at all, especially when you consider the noise of the power supply, CPU and graphics card fans will be louder on their own.

This particular case will likely win over fans of the more traditional design, that aren't interested in a ton of clear windows for lighting effects. Its toughness also makes it a good candidate for travel, since it's unlikely to crack or dent from the inevitable bumps that come hand in hand with movement, or from a 300-lb gamer falling on it at a LAN event.

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  • stone-69
    Apart from a few cosmetic details I'd say that the Antec 900 is very similar to the Antec 600.
    Or is it just me who's gotten something wrong ?