The Gaming Case Showdown


Suffice to say, any PC shop or electronics store has plenty of cases to sell. Indeed, the range of products to choose from is almost overwhelming. Not to mention the many vendors out there, cases come in every shape and size, with cost and quality varying nearly as much as appearance.

The four we look at today, the Antec 900, NZXT’s Adamas, the Silverstone TJ09 and Zalman’s Fatal1ty are fine examples of the case plethora. While we try to always take plenty of pictures for our readers, there is also much to say about what the cases offer.

Left to right : Antec 900, Silverstone TJ09

Left to right : Zalman Fatal1ty, NZXT Adamas

Each of these cases boasts good construction. The sharp edges and burrs that can slice open fingers during component installation have been removed, everything that should be metal is metal and the only case to use any real amount of plastic is the Antec, all in areas where it doesn’t affect quality. Each boasts a decent overall design and good finish, with parts that fit together properly rather than some cheap alternatives on which you can tell certain items have been forced into place.

Unfortunately, not all of these cases were commercially available to the masses at the time this article was written, so rather than getting hung up on things like cost and availability, we’ll look more at what these babies can do.

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  • stone-69
    Apart from a few cosmetic details I'd say that the Antec 900 is very similar to the Antec 600.
    Or is it just me who's gotten something wrong ?