GeForce GTX 480M: AVADirect’s W880CU Is Packing The Heat

Benchmark Results: Synthetics

We’ll begin by getting the synthetic benchmarks out of the way, which should help us at least determine how the “otherwise identical” notebook hardware performs when only the graphics is changed.

3DMark doesn’t reflect the performance of many games, but it’s still used as a metric for gauging system performance by many enthusiasts. A higher non-Turbo clock and a separately-calculated “CPU Score” throws the i7-920 numbers off so far the data isn't meaningful here, while the GeForce GTX 480M edges out the Mobility Radeon HD 5870 in otherwise-identical systems.

PCMark loves systems with high-end storage performance, so the unmatched drive of the desktop system means its numbers are irrelevant its second synthetic bench.

Like most other synthetics (and again, unlike most games), Sandra’s use of four cores (without Intel Turbo Boost) makes the desktop processor’s higher non-Turbo clock generate incomparable results. So far, we’ve at least proven that all three notebook systems are on equal footing.

Thomas Soderstrom
Thomas Soderstrom is a Senior Staff Editor at Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews cases, cooling, memory and motherboards.
  • bin1127
    It plays Crysis!
  • Tamz_msc
    ....all of these notebooks must be plugged into a power outlet before gaming commences.
    I think that sums it up.
  • Lmeow
    Portable vasectomy!
  • Tamz_msc
    LmeowPortable vasectomy!LOL +1
  • xyzionz
    Quite a surprise on the power consumption...
  • sprunth
    That's a crazy heat pipe setup...

    Agree on the naming thing on the last page, that would be helpful.
  • Maziar
    Great review.
    Before its launch,it was rumored that it will have a much higher power consumption than 5870M, but now it seems they are close
  • "Notice that the component on the left uses both fans and has two-thirds the total number of heat pipes" Ummmmm if I'm looking at the picture correctly the GPU and the majority of the heat pipes are on the Right, you may want to retype that.
  • are there no temperatures for gpu in article or i missed it?
  • Plyro109
    The funny thing is, AMD actually DID use the naming scheme you like in their LAST generation of mobile GPU's. The Mobility 4850 matched the standard 4850's number of stream processors, albeit with lower clock speeds. Same with the Mobility 4870 and Mobility 4870x2.

    They changed it in response to Nvidia's naming scheme, which is a shame. I liked the matching of desktop/laptop performance to names, too. :/