GeForce GTX 680 2 GB Review: Kepler Sends Tahiti On Vacation

Benchmark Results: Compute Performance In LuxMark 2.0

Last generation, Nvidia made compute performance and gaming equally important on its flagship GPU—the same piece of silicon that went into high-end Quadro cards and the GeForce GTX 480.

This time around, at the event introducing GeForce GTX 680 to press from around the world, the company refused to discuss compute, joking that it took a lot of heat for pushing the subject with Fermi and didn’t want to go there again.

The more complete story is that it doesn’t want to go there…yet. Sandra 2012 just showed us that the GeForce GTX 680 trails AMD’s Radeon HD 7900 cards in 32-bit math. And it gets absolutely decimated in 64-bit floating-point operations, as Nvidia purposely protects its profitable professional graphics business by artificially capping perfrmance. 

Not surprisingly, then, the OpenGL-based LuxMark 2.0 benchmark shows the GeForce GTX 680 dragging across the finish line.

In comparison, the GeForce GTX 580/590’s GF110 GPU is better-suited to general-purpose compute tasks. And Nvidia argues it’d rather sell you a workstation-oriented Quadro card or dedicated Tesla-based board. We’d counter that AMD’s Radeon HD 7900-series cards are, at least from a performance perspective, clearly viable alternatives in this particular workload (not to mention a lot cheaper).

Chris Angelini
Chris Angelini is an Editor Emeritus at Tom's Hardware US. He edits hardware reviews and covers high-profile CPU and GPU launches.
  • Hail to the new king.
  • borden5
    oh man this's good news for consumer, hope to see a price war soon
  • johnners2981
    Damn prices, in europe we have to pay the equivalent of $650-$700 to get one
  • outlw6669
    Nice results, this is how the transition to 28nm should be.
    Now we just need prices to start dropping, although significant drops will probably not come until the GK110 is released :/
  • Finally we will see prices going down (either way :-) )
  • Scotty99
    Its a midrange card, anyone who disagrees is plain wrong. Thats not to say its a bad card, what happened here is nvidia is so far ahead of AMD in tech that the mid range card purposed to fill the 560ti in the lineup actually competed with AMD's flagship. If you dont believe me that is fine, you will see in a couple months when the actual flagship comes out, the ones with the 384 bit interface.
  • Chainzsaw
    Wow not too bad. Looks like the 680 is actually cheaper than the 7970 right now, about 50$, and generally beats the 7970, but obviously not at everything.

    Good going Nvidia...
  • run the test on the same speeds then lets talk...
  • SkyWalker1726
    AMD will certainly Drop the price of the 7xxx series
  • rantoc
    2x of thoose ordered and will be delivered tomorrow, will be a nice geeky weekend for sure =)