GeForce2 At Its Best: 6 Affordable Graphics Cards with nVIDIA's MX

MSI StarForce 826

Default GPU Clock: 175 MHz

Memory Size: 64 MB
Memory Speed: 6 ns @ 166 MHz

The first thing I noticed is the GPU clock speed, which is only 175 MHz. Actually, this is the standard MX clock speed, but the StarForce 8826 uses the MX400 chipset. For the benchmarks, I left all cards at the factory default clock speeds, so at a default 175 MHz, it's not surprising that the MSI card could not keep up with the others. Hopefully, the revision that is supposed to be sold will run at 200 MHz by default, since neither the chip nor the card had any problems at this speed.

There are two games included: V-Rally 2 and Rogue Spear. Besides that, the package includes two other CDs containing drivers, utilities and a DVD player program as well as an S-Video cable for the TV-out of this graphics board.

Though the graphics memory has a size of 64 MB, the cycle time of 6 ns isn't particularly exciting. Yet the memory chips ran smoothly at 205 MHz which is more than you can expect from 6 ns chips. I guess those Hyunday chips are simply technically better than the validated 6 ns.

More information about this card on MSI's website: