GeForce2 At Its Best: 6 Affordable Graphics Cards with nVIDIA's MX

ABit Siluro MX400

GPU Clock: 200 MHz

Memory Size: 64 MB
Memory Speed: 5.5 ns @ 166 MHz

The latest graphics board from ABIT is equipped with 64 MB of SDRAM memory, which means that the full 128 bits of memory interface can be used. Although the GeForce2 MX supports DDR memory, the interface has been limited to 64-bit so that the card will compete with either the GeForce2 GTS or Pro.

Unfortunately, ABIT orients itself to nVIDIA's memory specifications, so they use 5.5 ns SDRAM memory. Here, it's pretty clear that the margin for overclocking is unimpressive. 5.5 ns memory usually cannot be operated at clock speeds faster than ~195 MHz without making the graphics adapter unstable - this is exactly what I could get out of the Siluro MX400.

The GPU is furnished with a passive cooling device, which also does not provide ample room for overclocking. After attaching a fan ..... However, this kind of overclocking is a bit ineffective, since the memory remains at a maximum of 240 MHz.

Ultimately, though, ABIT does not target overclockers but people who want a 64 MB board. The Siluro GF2 MX400 will likely be available at attractive prices. There could also be a version with TV out, since the PCB is designed to implement this hardware.

More information about this card on ABit's website: