GeForce2 At Its Best: 6 Affordable Graphics Cards with nVIDIA's MX

PixelView GeForce2 MX400 (NVMX400A)

GPU Clock: 200 MHz

Memory Size: 32 MB
Memory Speed: 4.5 ns @ 183 MHz

The PixelView board comes with a memory speed of 183 MHz by default, making this card slightly faster than its competitors in all 3D benchmarks. In addition, the NVMX400A is equipped with a TV-out, including both a composite and a S-Video connector. Inside the box we found a driver CD, a short manual and a composite video cable.

Thanks to the 4.5 ns chips, it was no problem to overclock the graphics memory to 235 MHz This, together with the faster chip clock speed, makes the PixelView board almost as fast as the Gainward card in 'Enhanced Mode' at 240/240 MHz.