GeForce2 At Its Best: 6 Affordable Graphics Cards with nVIDIA's MX

Cardex/Gainward GeForce2 MX TwinView Vivo

GPU Clock: 200 MHz (240 MHz in Enhanced Mode)

Memory Size: 32 MB
Memory Speed: 4 ns @ 166 MHz (240 MHz in Enhanced Mode)

The card from Gainward is unique in several points, the most prominent of which is the fast memory chip with a cycle time of only 4 ns. These chips are produced by EtronTech, a company that already made headlines several years ago when they shipped the fastest single-cycle EDO-DRAM chips (only 25 ns cycle time).

Just as the other cards, the default clock speeds for GPU and memory clock are 200 MHz and 166 MHz respectively. However, to take advantage of the fast memory chip, Gainward provides a so-called "Enhanced Mode" within their driver set (XPERTool Performance Tuning Utility). If selected, the clock speed increases to 240 MHz for the GPU and for the video memory, resulting in much better benchmark results. Because this mode is officially supported by Gainward, it is likely to be a strong argument for buying the card, which is why I include benchmarks for 'Enhanced Mode' as well.

As you can imagine, the GeForce2 MX TwinView Vivo supports two monitors. But that's not all: You also get two video inputs and video outputs, plus VideoStudio 4.0 from Ulead Systems, for which an electronic manual is provided on the program disc. These features together make the graphics card a good choice for everybody who wants to become acquainted with video editing.

A printed version of the VideoStudio manual is not included, but only a PDF file on the program disc.

More information about this card on Gainward's website: