The GeIL CL 1.5 DDR600 RAM Promise

Our Consensus: Only CL2.0 Until Now

Today, all the well-known RAM vendors, such as A-Data, Corsair, OCZ, and PDP offer low latency memory modules with CAS Latency of 2.0 clocks. Until now, nobody’s been willing to saddle themselves with a CL 1.5 rating. In fact, we got a lot of pushback on our news at Computex that a competitor would demonstrate CL 1.5 capability. Reactions ranged from a simple "can’t be done" all the way to "won’t work anyway."

Does AMD Even Support CL 1.5 ?

Naturally, we also took this question to AMD, to ask them if the memory controller for the Athlon 64 could itself handle a CAS Latency setting of 1.5 clocks. The answer to the question was curt, and referenced a technical document on the AMD-Website that sheds no light of any kind on the subject of supported memory timings. Our interpretation of this response includes the observation that AMD didn’t provide any reaction to the topic of supported CAS latency timings. Thus, we cautiously take their admittedly opaque response as a "yes."