Third Generation: Iomega ZIP-750 MB

Deleting The Medium

It's also interesting to compare the time needed to completely delete a completely full disk.

Comparison: Copying Directories

To underpin the values returned by the purely synthetic HD Tach benchmark, we compared the Zip750 USB drive directly with the Yamaha CRW-F1UX in a practical test. The test is based on a directory containing 447 MB, made up of 16 subdirectories with 1,069 files of various sizes. First, we used Drag & Drop to copy the directory from the hard disk to each drive. Reading the data from the medium is simulated by copying the entire directory back to the hard drive. After reading, we completely formatted the removable disk. This "read-write" cycle was repeated several times. We put a 24x Ultra Speed RW medium in the Yamaha burner and formatted it in Universal Disk Format (UDF) with InCd 3.37.

Although this test showed that the ZIP750 MB drive has advantages over the 24x CD-RW drive, it's a long way from the speed of 50x max that the packaging suggests.