Third Generation: Iomega ZIP-750 MB

As You Like It: USB2.0 Or FireWire

The ZIP750 is being offered in two mobile "flavors."

The user has the choice of either a USB2.0 or FireWire connection. In addition, an internal IDE version of the ZIP 750 is available for desktop users.>

While the FireWire model gets by without additional power, thanks to its six-pin 1394 interface cable, operation of the ZIP 750 MB USB2.0 requires the use of a power supply. What will irritate notebook users is that the IEEE-1394 connection is only available in the four-pin variety. That means that anyone wanting to run the ZIP 750 MB FireWire on the fly from their notebook needs a power supply. And that will set you back another $30 US.

Further sources of disappointment: at around $15 US a pop, the disks are anything but cheap when compared to CDR/ CDRW media. And while we're on the subject of prices, a ZIP 750 MB drive - regardless of interface - comes at a whopping $180 US or so, depending on the interface and form factor. The internal IDE ZIP 750 carries an MSRP of $149 US and is currently $129 US in the Iomega online store. Right now, Iomega is running a promotion that can get you $30 back on a ZIP. In the Iomega online store that ZIP 750 External has already been slashed to $149 US, which is an improvement over the $180 US MSRP.