Third Generation: Iomega ZIP-750 MB

Installation: Plug In, Format, Finished

Installing the device is easy enough to figure out. Just plug it in, switch on the PC and insert the software CD. After selecting the installation language, the user can now choose which tools should be installed. If you want to use the password-protection function for ZIP disks, you won't get away without installing the Iomegaware software.

Formatting the entire medium takes almost three and a half minutes. After formatting, the ZIP750 drive has 716 MB of storage space available.

A quick burner like Yamaha's CRW-F1UX takes more than twice as long to format a 24x RW medium. What's more, with around 600 MB - depending on the packet-writing software used - it has a whole lot less space available for formatting. This is where the ZIP750 really scores against the CD-R/ RW.