Third Generation: Iomega ZIP-750 MB

Zip 750 MB: Roomier Than A CD And As Swift As A Burner

With the ZIP 750 MB drive, Iomega has not only managed to draw level with standard CD capacities, it actually manages to cram about 100 megaBytes more on its medium. The maximum reading and writing data transfer rate of 7.3 MB/s claimed by the manufacturer makes the new ZIP drive a really powerful mobile storage solution.

That's reason enough, then, for THG to examine the third generation of the already legendary ZIP drive a bit more closely.

The ZIP format is very popular across North America in corporate environments. The ZIP is in use in these corporate environments for applications such as user backups or secure, off-line file storage (in a vault or a safe). Even with the advent of more CDRW technology that continues to penetrate the corporate environment, many companies continue to want to leverage their past investment in the ZIP format, and many of them are looking to the ZIP 750 to help them do this.

Iomega has ensured compatibility with the ZIP 100 MB and ZIP 250 MB of the previous generations. The 250 MB disks can be read and written to the new drive; the 100 MBs can at least be read.