Gigabit Ethernet: On-Board Chips Reviewed

Intel 82547EI / CSA

The LANParty PRO875 by DFI is a typical motherboard with 875P chipset by Intel.

It's hardly a secret: With the help of a matching network controller, the CSA interface offers maximum network performance of 2 GBit/s during full-duplex operations. According to NetIQ Chariot and NetIQ, the performance is pretty close to that. Operating under Netperf is the only time Intel's proprietary solution does not dominate, as the Realtek controller edges it.

The 547EI, in contrast, performed superbly in the test under real conditions: Operating with xxcopy 2.85.3, it provided the highest tangible value in this comparison, 81.9 MB/s.

The size of the 196 pin chip is on the low end. Intel defines "Interrupt Moderation Control" as a feature that corresponds with the "Adaptive Interrupt" of Broadcom, and it is set to keep processor load low.

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