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Gigabyte's Radeon X800: Give the Gamers What They Want

Software Bundle

The application bundle that ships with the card is limited to the software DVD player PowerDVD 5.0 from Cyberlink and the photo viewing program 3D-Album DE 2.03 developed by Micro Research. Sadly, both programs are already outdated.

Gigabyte proves far more generous where the gaming bundle is concerned. The Radeon X800 Pro ships with three full games, namely Counterstrike Condition Zero , Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield and Spell Force The Order of Dawn . This bundle should appeal to a wide audience, from the RPG-fan to the FPS-player.

Unsurprisingly, Gigabyte completely relies on ATi's reference drivers. Gigabyte's V-Tuner 2 tool adds a nice touch, though, allowing changes to the core and memory frequencies of the card in real-time. Additionally, V-Tuner also lets the user save and load user-defined configurations as presets. Another tool, which can be accessed through the Windows taskbar, offers a shortcut to several other graphics settings, including switching the resolution.


The card comes with a complete set of cables, which earns it bonus points in our book. The very long auxiliary power cable as well as the included YPrPb component output cable for use with HDTV displays with the card's TV-out deserve special mention.