Gigabyte's Radeon X800: Give the Gamers What They Want


Gigabyte's Radeon X800 Pro did not fail to impress. In addition to good 3D performance and a full feature set, the card also earns points for its generous gaming bundle and a complete set of cables, which includes a YPrPb component cable for use with HDTV displays. Hardware enthusiasts will appreciate Gigabyte's V-Tuner 2 overclocking utility and the cooling fan featuring LED lights. The only negative point is the meager and outdated application software bundle.


  • High 3D performance and DirectX 9.0b support
  • Texture filtering optimizations can deactivated (in part)
  • TV-Out
  • HDTV connectivity thanks to YPrPb cable
  • Full set of cables
  • Very good gaming bundle
  • Taskbar-Tool & Overclocking Software


  • High price
  • Outdated and rather slim software bundle
  • No video inputs

Feature Table

Product Name Gigabyte Radeon X800 Pro (GV-R80P256D)
Manufacturer Gigabyte
Homepage GIGABYTE - Graphics Accelerator - Products
Graphics Processor ATI Radeon X800 Pro
Codename R420
Bus Standard AGP 4x/8x
Memory 256 MB
Memory Type GDDR3
Core Clock Speed 475 MHz
Memory Clock Speed 450 MHz
Memory Buswidth 256 bit
Memory Bandwidth 28.8 GB/s
Pixel Pipelines 12
Vertex Shader Units 6
3D Features
DirectX Support DirectX 9.0b
Texture Filtering Bilinear
max 16x Anisotropic
FSAA Multi-Sampling: 2x/4x/6x
Floating Point Precission 24 bit
VGA 1x
DVI 1x
TV-Out +
TV-Out HDTV Support +
Dual-Link DVI -
Power Cable +
Video-In -
TV-In (Tuner) -
Audio-In -
Cooling Cooling Fan
Adjustable Fan-Speed Automatic
Hardware-Monitoring Automatic
DVI-I -> VGA Adaptor +
Cables S-Video Cable
Composite Cable
(HDTV) YPrPb component output +
Software Bundle 3D-Album LE 2.03
PowerDVD 5.0
Games Bundle Counterstrike Coundition Zero
Rainbow Six 3 Raven Sield
Spell Force The Order Dawn
Others/Specials LED Lights
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